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Heal Your Life Holistic Therapies Retreats


Retreats are designed to get you out of your comfort zone, open you up to new experiences, encourage you to learn things about yourself that you didn’t know existed, heal old wounds, transform limiting beliefs, RELAX and just BE YOUR TRUE SELF, bring forth a newfound inner freedom, and awaken your GODDESS by BEING IN your body and soul like never before!

Gosford forest spiritual walk


  • Retreats have long-term benefits

  • Retreats provide peace away from your daily routine

  • Nature makes you feel connected with yourself and the Divine

  • You’re surrounded by like-inded company

  • You have long full access to professional guidance

  • You don’t have to worry about planning, just follow and let go

  • You have the opportunity to have spare time and enjoy turistic visits

Sonia C., Italy

“THANK YOU Giovanna, you are a loving guide and a wonderful person. With your professionalism, your wisdom, your immense heart, you accompany me on every path."

Esther B., Portadown

"Ever since my first encounter with Giovanna I knew that she was a very special therapist. Her light energy and positive outlook have a contagious and healing effect on everyone around her."

Natasha A., Armagh

“I met Giovanna when I went to her for a reiki treatment. It made me feel wonderful. She invited me to join in her womens circle and I've met with some beautiful soles there. Thankyou Giovanna x”
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