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The word “holism” derives from the Greek word hólos, which means “whole”.

The holistic approach is based on the belief that the single parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. If we think in terms of a person then, it’s fundamental to consider her/him in her/his uniqueness as a complex and interconnected system of body, emotions, mind and energy. This is the field where holistic treatments work: the wonderful uniqueness of the person.

Heal your Life Holistic Therapies offers Reiki energy healing, Womb blessing female energy balancing, massage therapy, Humanistic Naturopathic consultation and Numerology to help you reaching your greatest potential. By listening to your deepest feelings and balancing your energy, you can contact your true self and discover your own instruments, in order to improve life in awareness, love and power.

"I do several treatments with Giovanna and she is professional and qualified, in addition to the benefits of the treatments she leaves a positive and energetic touch!"

Natascia Cenci

Fontevivo (PR), Italy

"I had a bioenergetic massage with Giovanna today, and I would highly recommend it. She is very skilled and knowledgeable in her work, and made me feel very welcome and relaxed. I look forward to some other treatments in the future."

Diane Berry

Portadown, Northern Ireland

"I have been receiving Reiki treatments for 6 weeks from Giovanna, and I must say it's been a really great experience. It helped me to release tensions, clear my mind and feel relaxed. I can't recommended her highly enough!

Sean Stuart

Portadown, Northern Ireland

"I have been fortunate to have had some treatments from Giovanna. She is a very gifter, intuitive and wise holistic therapist. I felt Immense benefit after the treatmenand I will definitely go back. I can't recommend her highly enough. Thanks Giovanna.

Helena Stuart

Portadown, Northern Ireland

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