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Based on the ancient Chinese Traditional Medicine and A.Lowen's theory of bioenergetics, this massage is an introspective journey that guides you to achieve more awareness of your body, mind and emotions. Every cell of the human body in fact has a memory, and the whole life is registered in its good and bad moments; therefore, whenever we experienced difficulties, we may find that they caused a block or a rigidity in our muscular structure. The massage works to release the pain in your body and in the corresponding blocks and emotions that may be recorded in particular moments of your life.

Sometimes in life we are called to a DEEP TRANSFORMATION🦋 Our body starts talking to us through symptoms, blocks or pain, or simply the armour that we built through our life to defend ourselves becomes too heavy to carry, and we feel IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE. Through the SHEN TOUCH (Shen is the spirit of the heart according to TCM) and the techniques of the bioenergetic massage therapy you 'll be guided to work on your armour, step by step discovering forgotten parts of yourself, releasing old trauma and trapped emotions. This particular technique focuses to guide you to feel flexible and emotionally free to express your TRUE SELF.

The treatment is particularly suggested:

  • to reduce stress and anxiety

  • to improve your body awareness and perception

  • to relax muscles and relieve physical pain (also in case of fibromyalgia)

  • to improve your sleeping pattern

  • to encourage self-esteem and personal development

  • to remove energy blockages bringing the body into balance and harmony

  • to support the immune system

  • to increase vitality

  • to help grounding and emotional clearing

  • to assist the body in releasing trauma


The womb is the most important centre of female organs, energy and power, and the treatment works gently on this special area. The womb massage works alongside your menstrual cycle to help to balance hormones, encourage ovulation, improve the blood and energy flow. It can also be suggested to help regulate them, if you have PCOS or endometriosis.

The treatment is composed of deep and effective strong techniques. In particular it is suggested:

  • to help your hormones balance

  • to eliminate toxins and blocks from your body

  • to relax muscles and relieve physical pain especially in the utero area

  • to improve the internal tissues relaxation

  • to reduce the sensation of heavy and tired legs

  • to help to reduce your period pains

  • to stimulate your hormonal glands balance

  • to help in coping with endometriosis pain


Reflexology is a gentle, non-invasive therapy designed to bring the body into balance, and encourage the body to heal itself. Massage is combined with gentle pressure applied to various reflex points on the feet – these points mirror/reflect the organs and structures of the body, and the person’s emotional health. A relaxing approach to treating mental and physical imbalances. In particular it is suggested:

  • to reduce stress and anxiety

  • to calm the mind

  • to relax muscles and relieve physical pain

  • to improve blood circulation

  • to reduce the sensation of heavy and tired legs

  • to promote drainage and elimination of toxins from the body

  • to increase vitality and assist the body in detoxing


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