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Courses and Workshops


Courses and workshops are created, organised, and proposed by Heal Your Life – Holistic Therapies in different dates.

It’s also possible to plan them for private companies, charities, communities for their groups. Some  of them are available in the online version. Languages available are English and Italian.

Duration can be flexible according to your needs and schedule.

I am specialised in body-mind-energy connection, meditation and relaxation, various wellbeing topics.



How to live in harmony with your body and nature


a holistic approach to life


Learn how to bring balance into your body and into your life


"The tutor was exceptionally well informed, organised and knowledgeable wit great skills employed in delivery of the subject matter. I found this course very interesting. I would love to attend other courses relative to this subject as I can say it was very valuable. Thank you"

Participant, First Steps Women's Centre

Dungannon, Northern ireland

"Giovanna is a very gifted healer and intuitive who also has a wealth of knowledge on Traditional Chinese Medicine. All this combined with her warmth, gentleness and genuine deep desire to help people on their path makes Giovanna a wonderful therapist, spiritual advisor and coach for the body, mind and soul. My own experiences as her client have been transformational and I very grateful to Giovanna so yes I would highly recommend booking in.."

Amanda B.

Moy, Northern Ireland

"Thank you Giovanna for the amazing Reiki.
I have had great experiences when seeing Giovanna. I had back massage, reflexology, Reiki and meditation and I keep coming back. Her calm nature and strong hands with positive energy and healing light are contagious. Love to be around this therapist. Cant wait for my next visit.
She is professional, knowledgeable and I am always curious to learn from her.

I would like to say as well that I love womens cirlce and meditations with Giovanna. There is plenty of information, healing, calmness, and Giovanna always makes sure the space feels warm and safe. Everyone always looks so relaxed at the end of each session.

Thank you for providing a beautiful space for people to be, meditate and feel safe.!

Marisa C.

Portadown, Northern Ireland

"I have had Reike sessions with Giovanna and attended her meditation groups and Womans Circle. Giovanna is a gentle, sensitive, and gifted therapist who has helped me to connect to my own deep healing energies. She has taught me practices that have helped release energies that have been trapped through various experiences in my life. Through Giovannas' help, I now feel healthier and more energized as a result. You feel you are in skilled, experienced, and safe hands when you are with Giovanna, I recommend her work very highly.

Helena S.

Portadown, Northern Ireland

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