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Meditating under tree.


My name is Giovanna, an Italian soul living in Northern Ireland

I have a holistic background as a Reiki practitioner and Massage therapist in my native town Parma, Italy. I started my path in 2012 as a personal healing story, that deeply transformed me and gave birth to my passion for the world of energy and healing.  I attended a Master in Bionatural disciplines, a diploma in Humanistic Naturopathy and Reiki Levels 1,2.

In 2018 I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life walking the Way to Santiago, and following the signs I was asking for, I moved to Northern Ireland in 2019. Here I improved my knowledge working in a private clinic learning abdominal Maya Massage and fertility reflexology. I also attended the level 1 of Moon Mother® training course Miranda Gray Method to practice womb blessing. Since then, i deepened my knowledge and experience attending many additional courses in meditation teaching, physical energetics, sound healing, crystal therapy, reflexology.

I am passionate about well being and energy therapies, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Meditation and life coaching.  My enthusiasm to explore new tehniques and holistic approaches continues to strengthen my therapeutic expertise and to improve my experience in the wellbeing area and energy world.

I am strongly convinced that the way of wellbeing and healing goes through love, awareness and faith. If you are ready to commit to transform your life deeply, you are my ideal client, and i am ready to support you in doing so.

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